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20160510153142D.K.G. se estableció en 1994, hemos crecido de forma espectacular desde nuestra fundación y ahora somos uno de los mayores fabricantes de vidrio del automóvil de seguridad en China. 95% de nuestros productos se exportan a nivel mundial. Nuestras líneas de producción se encuentran en la provincia de Guang Dong, en la parte sur de China y nuestra fábrica ocupa ahora una superficie de más de 10, 000 metros cuadrados.

We are specialized in producing safety automobile glasses for cars, vans, trucks, buses, trains and construction vehicles...



To gain competitive advantage of our product, our company has been investing in research and development and collecting customers’ ideas and experience.


Our company emphasis to provide outstanding service quality to increase our customers'satisfaction.


Our company insists on the human resources tactics of sustainable development, gives full play to each employee's enthusiasm and initiative, stimulates their latent energy, and carries on job trainings through various means to improve skill and quality of each employee constantly.